What is Crazy Swap?

Well crazy swap is this fantastic monthly swap for anybody and everybody who is, was or wants to be craft-y, quilt-y, or homemade-y.

How does it work?

It's easy. Each month has a theme. On the first of the month everybody is randomly assigned someone. You then have a whole month to make something, anything that represents, makes you think of or is the theme.

For example: Say like January's theme is snow (not very original I know). You were assigned Sally Sue. You have until Janurary 31st to make and mail something that is related to snow to Sally Sue. It could be snowflake stationary, a cool photo of snow, a white quilt, anything.

Voila that's it!

Then you decide if you want to do it again in February with the new theme and new person. You never have to sign up. If you want to do March, but then don't want to do it again till November, Great!

Of course this means that you'll never know what you're going to get, and you may or may not like it, and one month you might work five hours one something when someone else only works 20 minutes. But that's part of the adventure.

Cool, I'm in. How do I join?

That's even easier. Just shoot off an e-mail to craziestswap@gmail.com

Include the following:

E-mail address
Mailing Address
Blog Address (if you've got one, it's not required though)
And whether or you not your willing to mail internationally.

Ta Da! Your in!

Now any month you want to participate just leave a comment when the theme is announced.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Well all you crazies out there....this swap is going on a little bit of a hiatus. Hopefully it won't be gone long. Send and e-mail to craziestswap@gmail.com if you'd like to join in the crazy fun when it returns. Ta ta for now!

-Craziest Swapper

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  1. Sorry to hear we're on Hiatus! But I know I'll be recharged and ready to go after a short break! I'll keep blogging to remind others!